Marketing/International Trade-Barriers, Opportunities and Best Practices

on June 15, 2011

AFN has produced a Marketing/International Trade Economic Development in the Fisheries booklet that will assist in understanding what exists domestically and international, and it expands on the national vision to help facilitate First Nations entry into the seafood industry by providing them with the tools and advice on what best practices exist, and how they can be involved or how to go about it.

The BC Seafood Development of the BC Ministry of Agriculture was able to attend the National Policy Analysis Group session in Vancouver and provided an introductory presentation to the group.  They also provided and overview of some of the activities and processes in BC and shared some studies where there are markets for different types of fish around the world. They also spoke about the services that are available to exporters. Each province also has an office so First Nation companies can get assistance from both federal and provincial government departments.  This initial dialogue has emphasized the broad interest in this particular area, and where more work is needed.

AFN also contacted the Agriculture Agri-Foods Canada Seafood Deputy Director of the Food Value Chain Bureau Sector Liaison for the Seafood Value Chain Round Table with a commitment to meet in the new fiscal year after the election to establish a new ground breaking relationship with AFN and First Nations.

At the NPAG March 1-2nd 2011 meeting Vancouver BC, there were agenda items to address Economic Development opportunities in fisheries:

  1. Barriers and Opportunities, Solutions- domestic and international
  2. Funding sources/programs/partnerships?
  3. Foreign Regs – what we should know
  4. Eco-labeling – First Nation products
  5. Catch Certificates- what we need to know DFO

On March 29-31 2011, the AFN, Aboriginal Aquaculture Association, Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nation Chiefs, and the BC First Nations Fisheries Council co-hosted the National Aboriginal Fisheries Forum (NAFF) in Dartmouth, NS. The conference provided an opportunity for First Nations to come together to examine and discuss the current status of Aboriginal commercial fisheries across Canada, including trends, success stories, best practices and challenges.

Participants at the NAFF identified emerging economic development issues and advanced ideas to improve economic outcomes in the First Nations commercial fisheries sector. The NAFF fostered coast-to-coast discussion and promotes partnerships and collaborations between First Nation communities, government departments, and industry. The next NAFF will be held in Vancouver in 2011-12. As a result of the various discussions and interest expressed this year, First Nations are now looking to the AFN to assist them in building their ideas towards the establishment of a Marketing, Eco-labeling Aboriginal Consortium for aquatic products.

Assembly of First NationsMarketing/International Trade-Barriers, Opportunities and Best Practices
Assembly of First Nations