Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management

Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management


The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Environmental Stewardship Secretariat – Fisheries Unit continues to work towards the implementation of the AFN National Fisheries Strategy (AFN-NFS). Fisheries, aquatic and ocean resources continue to represent an integral part of the diet, socio-economic well-being and cultural survival of First Nation communities.

The National Fisheries Strategy is designed to assist and restore First Nations’ rightful role in managing the fisheries, aquatic and oceans resources. The NFS is a long-term plan that embodies the recognition, protection and implementation of First Nations’ Aboriginal and Treaty rights.

The Strategy addresses a broad range of First Nation priority issues as well as discusses key policy and program sectors within the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) that impacts and requires input from First Nations. In addition, the Strategy also supports and promotes sustainable First Nation fisheries in the inland and coastal aquatic and ocean resources.

AFN Fisheries Program has a broad mandate to support First Nations in multiple thematic areas related to fisheries and aquatic resources. The Fisheries Program supports First Nations in creating, maintaining, and managing vibrant coastal and in-land fisheries which are central to community socio-economic wellbeing and traditional cultures. The Fisheries Program is advised by the National Fisheries Committee (NFC) and works closely with First Nation communities and technicians, academic institutions, and government partners to implement the AFN National Fisheries Strategy.

The National Fisheries Strategy (NFS) engages on a broad spectrum of legislative, policy and key program sectors within the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) which serves to inform and communicate the various technical implications through joint dialogue processes with First Nations. These important dialogue processes also inform government where they must engage with First Nations on consultation and accommodation on relevant matters that can impact Aboriginal and Treaty rights. In addition, the NFS also supports and promotes sustainable First Nations fisheries, aquatic and ocean resource activities that can open new doors to explore new innovative economic opportunities.

Over the next five years, AFN will develop and implement an enhanced National Fisheries Strategy that encompasses a strategic plan to support the development of new technical and socio-economic development strategies that will include components directed from First Nation communities. The Fisheries Program will continue to implement key components of the NFS related to aquaculture, aquatic invasive species, habitat management, labeling and marketing, legislative and policy review, and Species at Risk. The Fisheries Program will continue to support First Nations in maintaining and improving fisheries access, managing aquatic and ocean resources, and cultivating new opportunities to enrich First Nations communities through aquatic activities.

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